Now You Can Have A Personal Chauffeur

You’re always on the go. A meeting in the city last night. The biggest party of the season today. A business trip tomorrow. A vacation in the sun next week.

There are many car services to choose from but only one that meets the standards that you are seeking. Think about your current service:

  • Do you know your driver?
  • Is it safe to ride with that person?
  • How much experience do they have?
  • Will you find the car to be clean and up to your standards?
  • Do you know what rate you will pay on any given day or at any time?

For those seeking a true personal chauffeur at a fraction of the standard cost for this caliber of comfort and luxury, Big Apple Car’s VIP Gold service offers:

  • A personal driver you know, trust and like—available at any time, given 48-hours (or less) notice.
  • Experienced professionals who drive for a living, are dependable and are familiar with alternative routes.
  • The specific type of vehicle you like, complete with your favorite drinks, snacks, music and reading materials.
  • Guaranteed rates that don’t fluctuate.

Much like fractional jet ownership, corporate executives and private individuals/families enjoy the security and luxury of a personal chauffeur that they pay for only when they use him. There is no need to buy a car, pay a salary or absorb the cost of an automobile sitting in a garage when it is not being used.

Whether it’s a trip to the airport or a night on the town, fractional chauffeur service provides an immensely sought after service at highly competitive rates.